Lil Darlynn Napoleon/Minuet  Cattery

Your kittens first

        12 weeks

Our Adoptive Families will testify to our kittens keen intelligence.  We believe our babies are so smart, that we encourage our parents to try toilet training their babies. Our babies also have a funny fascination with water or maybe we should say ... playing in the water.

One common thread in conversations with our adoptive parents is that our kittens are very fearless and of course love children.

The first twelve weeks of a kitten's life is full of growth and development.  At Lil Darlynn Cattery we strive to make these first twelve weeks as safe, healthy and happy time for our kittens as possible.  So much of their emotional and physical development during this critical time will follow them throughout their lifetime.  

​During their first four weeks of a baby kitten's life at the Cattery, the babies and their mother are kept in a separate Nursery away from the other cats and older kittens of the cattery.  They learn to walk and get their feet in this nursery. They then start potty training  and start weaning and when we feel they have accomplished the potty training pretty well and the weaning process, usually at the end of the six week period, they are slowly introduced to our cats and the rest of our home . The kittens are all raised under foot and are playing and climbing.  The kittens are introduced to our Pomeranian dogs and they  seem to always come to cuddle with the dogs.  They also start to have trips to my office for socialization before they are old enough to leave.